Need to know how to get credit for a quote…

Thanks to all who answer in advance.

I’d like to establish myself as the author of a few quotes I’ve concocted over the years. How do I go about?



Jean-Pierre Khoueiri

SEO Director

Publish. Write an article, letter to the editor or book and include the quote(s). You could also try submitting them to something like Reader’s Digest for publication. Many magazines and journals accept submissions of quotes as filler. Note that online publication doesn’t generally have the same weight that paper does. Even then, I’m not sure that you’d have any *practical* ability to stop others from using the quotes without attribution.

I’ve done a lot of training, given numerous presentations, posted on BBSs, forums, etc and published a lot of internal white papers over the years and later found a my quotes embedded in analyst white papers, books, training, etc. (and often attributed to “anonymous” or others). The most annoying part is that the ones that *are* attributed to me are generally quite useless from a career perspective.

At this point, I just take pride in seeing that what I said had enough value to be stolen. 🙂

Note that if you push for acknowledgement of your more brilliant quotes, you’re quite likely to get credit for quotes that may turn out to be monumentally stupid in hindsight. Luckily, my “less insightful” quotes have never caught on or have been (thankfully) attributed to others.